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We are PopularLyric.com, a Henox Enterprises website. We are here to provide our customers with lyrics to their popular songs so that they can sing along. We also provide for our customers access to music product sales, discounts, promotions, posters, Artist information, concerts, merchandise, and other services as applicable. Hence, we are a part of several network of websites some owned, managed, and operated by Henox Enterprises and others by affiliated sites.

Henox Enterprises, the company, is located in Grandview, Missouri, the "Show-Me State" in the United States of America. This website is designed for the music fan who desires to know what is current and appreciates entertainment in general.

As the music industry evolves, we strive to provide a reputable service to maintain our strategic initiatives and direction. Henox Enterprises recognizes the importance of service, and will ensure that our customers have something they are proud to associate with. We constantly acquire and modify content to reflect current music trends as we jostle for growth, recognition, and customer satisfaction.

PopularLyric.com prides itself in searching out for lyrics to augment our existing portfolio for our customers' satisfaction. It is embodied in the stringent research and verification of identified lyrics for authentication and validity.

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